Allergic information

Our cakes may contain allergens such as Milk, Nuts, Gluten, Soya and coloured Cream on cake top surface and on cake piping that may stain and will taste bitter .

The Cake and Cream also provides allergen information for the food and beverage served. Allergen information will be available for customer clearly stating which of the 14 common allergens are contained within our food and drink.If a customer requires any further detail about the exact ingredient containing the allergen can be requested if necessary. The allergen information is always updated to reflect the status of ingredients, recipes and cooking methods. The allergen information is based on the information provided to us from our suppliers.Suppliers might declare their products as ‘may contains’ the allergen, this would be stated as contains in our recipes; however it will not be listed in the ingredients list, but will show in the table as ‘contains’.Whilst every care has been taken to ensure the cross contamination is minimal during food production and serving process, circumstances may arise which are out of our control and could alter the accuracy of the allergen information provided.We would therefore recommend that you do not rely solely on this information. This does not affect your statutory rights .